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Killa Slow Jigs

All Gold Slaya 250g

All Gold Slaya 250g

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This is the first of Killa's "custom color" jigs. It's not a fancy color, just all gold with an eye that has a pupil that glows. The only other gold jigs I've seen on the boats I've been on are gold diamond jigs and they're some of the most productive jigs used. Think of this jig as a gold diamond jig with more profile and action than the diamond jig has. This jig should be in every jigger's arsenal. This is one of my go - to jigs for the top of Pulley Ridge (Pulley Ridge Lite) and Halfway Ledge trips on the Yankee Capts. What are my other go - to jigs for the top of Pulley Ridge and Halfway Ledge? They're not made anymore so I guess this will be my only go - to jig for those areas now!!

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